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Fuel Supply


Pertamina is a strategic partner Adaro Indonesia in cooperation Fuel Supply Agreement (FSA), cooperation fulfillment of biodiesel fuel for the activities of PT Adaro Indonesia. With operational scale Adaro Indonesia is bigger then before we need a guarantee of fuel supply is needed. And Pertamina able to guarantee a reliable supply and delivery of the product in terms of accuracy. Pertamina also apply high safety standards when loading fuel, which is in line with the principle of Adaro Indonesia to always prioritize safety in every line of operation.

Adaro Indonesia cooperation with Pertamina as the national energy company will create strong synergies and mutual support between the two sides, either commercially or as a corporation. This cooperation will also contribute to help increase national energy security.

Hopefully the reputation and capacity as a national energy company Pertamina will continue capable of developing into a world-class national energy company that is reliable and trustworthy.




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